How To Locate the US Embassy in Your Country

The U.S. State Department maintains a central list of United States Embassies in other countries. The quickest way to find exactly where one is located is through their website at Visiting the United States embassy can be the first step in the immigrant's journey to America.  Before you visit a U.S. Embassy, take time to review the information for the embassy in your country. Each embassy has its own set of rules regarding entry, appointments, and hours of operation. Making an appointment before you go will reduce some frustrations. The embassy website will also give you details regarding that embassy’s hours of operation and local rules. For example, some embassies do not permit you to bring in a piece of electronic equipment, like a lap top, into the embassy building. 

The embassy website will also contain many of the forms used by that embassy. Completing paperwork prior to your arrival will make your visit smoother. Most embassies also use alternate forms of contacts, which mean less trips you have to make to complete the purpose of your visit. Through email or phone, you can pre-work many details. As an important reminder, make sure that you provide a good source of contact information for yourself if you send a letter or leave a message. If they don’t know how to reach you, they can’t help you. Most embassies will also require that you schedule an appointment for most types of visits. As a general practice, it’s best to arrive and check in early. If after reviewing the embassy’s website in your country, you still have concerns about how to accomplish your transaction with the U.S. Embassy, you may want to consult with an attorney. They can assist you in processing your applications quickly and arranging the timing of your visits to the U.S. Embassy in your country.