What is the fee for Form N-400, the application for U.S. citizenship?

The filing fee as of 2017 for submission of the Form N-400 is $725.00. This fee includes the cost for the application ($640.00) and a biometric fee of $85.00. The biometric fee covers the expense of being fingerprinted and photographed after your application is submitted. See the FAQ on getting fingerprinted for your citizenship application for an explanation on how and where to be fingerprinted. Your fee must be included with your application. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not accept cash. The form of your payment must be a check or money order drawn through a U.S. bank.

U.S. Citizenship Filing Fee Exceptions

The $725.00 is the standard filing fee. However, you may qualify for exceptions. You are not required to pay the filing fee if you are submitting a request for naturalization because of your service in the military. If you are over 75 years of age, you are not required to submit the extra $85.00 for the biometric fee.

Additional Expenses When Filing for U.S. Citizenship

Even though the expense for the filing fee is generally set, you should also prepare to pay for additional expenses to ensure a proper processing of your application for naturalization. The filing fee does not cover the costs of translations services. If you wish to submit documents in a foreign language, you must pay to have them converted to English by a certified English translator. Expenses for this service will vary depending on the number of documents you wish to submit, the going rate for translators in your area, and the availability of translators who speak your native language.

No Refunds for U.S. Citizenship Filing Fees

If your application for citizenship is denied, you will not be refunded your filing fee or any other expenses. You are required to submit a new filing fee with each application. The process of becoming a U.S. citizen can be somewhat expensive and lengthy. You may want to invest additional funds in hiring an immigration attorney to assist you with your application. The few extra dollars will prevent delays and issues with your application so that you do not have to re-start the application process.